What is Gemba Walk and How is it Beneficial?

Gemba is a Japanese word that means ‘the real place’, it is used in many manufacturing strategies in industries. The gist is to make the supervisors, managers and others to invest their time in the real place where the work is actually implemented. For instance, when it comes to manufacturing sector, a supervisor paying heed to the gemba techniques will invest his time on the work floor. This lets him get in touch with the employees directly to check what they do and how they do it. This also unleashes the potential problems, proposed solutions to those problems and so much more. There are many ways to implement Gemba in a workplace, one of them is empowering the use of the Gemba walk app called Tervene.

Benefits of Gemba Walk

  1. You can directly interact with the employees

Investing time to get in touch with the employees helps in establishing a strong relationship and have numerous opportunities for understanding about what they think about the certain processes.

  1. It gives you first hand knowledge

There is no alternative to solicit first hand information. When a supervisor invests some time in walking through a work area, they can actually see what is taking place instead of depending on others to pass the information to others. This is, in a way, also biased in some shape or form.

  1. It helps in building morale.

When you directly interact with the employees and spend time with them in their work areas, it helps them to prove how company is actually concerned about the ongoing processes. This, in turn, helps in improving their morale.

  1. It enhances the safety of the facility.

When you actually take an initiative by having a look at what’s going on, you can determine the safety concerns before anything goes wrong. This assists in enhancing the overall safety of the facility.

  1. It helps in standardizing the Processes

When the supervisor takes an initiative to have a look at how ongoing processes are being carried out, this helps them to easily standardize the process. This comes in handy when a company runs multiple shifts on the jobs of the same nature.

  1. It helps in continuous Improvements

When keeping an eye on the ongoing processes, there are many opportunities unleashed on the enhancements. For this very reason, gemba walk is deemed one of the best processes for companies seeking to maintain consistent enhancements in their facilities.

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