Three Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Product Packaging

Your chosen packaging material can usually make or break your business. It can become the line between product loss and product profit. This makes it important for your business to use the right packaging material for your products. This means avoiding under-packaging or over-packaging as this can result in product damage or material waste. In terms of choosing product packaging, you need to consider factors such as the following:

Your Product

Before you decide on your packaging solution, you must evaluate the traits of your product. Is it perishable or with high-value? Is it susceptible to vibrations? Your products’ unique traits will help in determining the right packaging materials. Regardless of the appeal and aesthetics of your packaging design, it can only be effective when it preserves your product’s quality. You must analyze the whole supply chain that your product will pass through.

Storage and Transportation

You can pick the right materials by fully understanding the entire lifecycle of your product from production to end consumers. How far will your package travel? What elements will they deal with during transportation? It is also important to consider the kind of transportation used and the type of conditions the product will be stored. Are you going to store the boxes in someone else’s warehouse for boxes or your own boxes? In case your product will be placed on a shelf and go to the homes of your customers, you must also think about the packaging’s branding and longevity.

Your Options

Packaging materials are not made equal. You should not cut corners with your packaging because this can negatively affect your products’ integrity during shipment. Even if you have been using a certain material for a while, it is best to explore other efficient options out there. Be aware of your options and find a packaging partner to get the assistance you need. Your packaging supplier should be able to help you based on your budget to find the most efficient packaging material that matches your product from custom corrugated solutions to flexible solutions.

Using a properly optimized packaging design will balance the damage and packaging costs. High damage rates depict the inability of your packaging costs to function well for your business; however, low damage rates can also show you are wasting huge amounts of material. The best packaging supplier has a packaging lab that will put your packaging to the test.

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