Three Factors that Make Social Media a Reliable Customer Engagement Channel

Social media has empowered today’s consumers. Particularly in Singapore, consumers wake up on digital devices and check out their social media accounts at least once every day. Social media have become a part of people’s identity, serving as a powerful broadcasting platform and offering windows into the things they like and don’t like. Businesses that want to engage with their customers should connect with them on social media channels. These days, customer engagement Singapore is a new form of marketing. Below are factors that make social media a great way to create an engagement with customers:

Customer Expectations

Today, customers expect to reach out and contact companies when they want and how they want. Being the fastest-growing channel for customer service, social media can help businesses meet this expectation from their customers.

Business Value

Social media is a more cost-effective and efficient channel for customer service representatives and call centers. Studies have shown organisations that have established social media care capabilities improved yearly revenue per contact.

Brand Reputation

A business’ presence on social media can also drive brand reputation. Customers with a good experience on Twitter or Facebook may recommend the brand based on their interaction. Thus, businesses must have a direct way to engage, resolve problems, and positively impact their customers.

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