Repair Or Remanufactured Transformers – What You Should Opt For?

Transformers are important to extend uninterrupted power supply to the high rise buildings, offices, banks, schools and more. Most of the modern houses and industries today have their own transformers to keep the supply of power under their control.

But a lot of power transformer breakdowns have led to the industry to rethink about the investments on needs for them. The choice remains as that of making the pick between going for a repair or picking remanufactured power transformer. Reconditioned power transformers are a great bid to use a rather new-like transformer without much of investments.

Control on the costs

After your old transformer breaks down there is ideally two choices – repair the old one or buy a new one. But the industry has emerged to provide for a third option – the reconditioned power transformer. Here unlike the repair the idea is to make a more thorough change on the broken down transformer. The regular fixing or repairing does fix the issue but these do not provide for a long term solution. Remanufacturing although a hefty expense from repair, makes the transformer last longer and work effectively for years.

A new like finish

Repairing is only considered an option when there is no time for wait and the cost is too low for the maintenance. This although fixes the problem only for some time. The reconditioned power transformers take time but the changes made are intense. The damaged parts are given a replacement and the changes are made to make the transformer almost like new in controlled cost. New technology is brought in as much as possible to make the transformer equipped with new effects.

Change of the parts

Transformer breaking down can be because of some or the other parts getting obsolete. Here instead of the usual repair, the need is there for a replacement. And for any part of the machine to be replaced with the latest one, there is needed to be made changes that suit the other parts and their optimum functioning. Remanufacturing brings new parts on the transformer, change of body and new technology to make it almost new.

Remanufactured power transformers are great to improve the overall functioning of an old transformer. These require a less investment as compared to the new ones but a hefty expense compared to the repairs. But these serve as one of the ideal choices to make to bring to action a rather improved transformer system that serves aid.

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