Knowing The Difference Between Operations Part 135 and Part 91

More than one-third of the flights of PrivateFly usually happen in the USA and the market for the same is growing too. But for any client who wishes to book a flight with the US often wonder whether the aircraft is part 135 operations or part 91 operations based. Parts in this means the parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations. It refers to different types of aircraft and flights. This can be found under Titles 14 and 49 that are mentioned under the Code of Federal Regulations

What do the FAA regulations state?

As per the FAA regulations, there is quite a difference between parts 121, 135 and even 91. Every part has been designed for regulating in a certain operational area. Knowing such regulations is important for the operator. Besides, it is also expected for them to be good at it so that it would be much safer in the general aviation sector. As per the regulations that FAA gas stated, it is important to know which is the military aviation that does not fall under operating under any of such parts.

Know more about Part 91 aircraft operator:

This operator is permitted to offer the flights for non-commercial reasons. It works usually under the regulation that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has defined for the operations of non-commercial flights. This means such an operator will not be able to get compensation under any circumstances for the conducted flights. It is basically a set of all the conditions well defined under which the aircraft should be operated.

Know more about Part 135 aircraft operator

This kind of operation offers non-scheduled, yet commercial aircraft preparation like the air taxi flight and even the private air charter. The Part 135 operation needs to work within the rigid operational framework. The framework is quite legal as compared to the part 91 operations.

Understanding the difference

Of all. The primary difference between the part 91 and part 135 operations is the back-end structure. Along with it the support that is required to get the part 135 operating certificate also varies.

The FAA needs the operator of part 135 to completely have a team of management personally. This team shall oversee all organizational aspects. The team would include the operations manager, maintenance manager and the chief pilot. This team shall create a clear common chain for the company. In the case of Part 91. The common of the pilot who will be in charge will have the whole authority.


In the case of overall safety, when it comes to flying under the registered aircraft in the US, there are quite fewer chances to come across an accident of the charter as a part 135 aircraft if it is compared to flying with the part 91 aircraft. The accident rates vary to such a great extent as there are extra safety measures that are being followed under the part 135 regulations. Besides, the pilot operating under part 135 will also have to undergo intense training and follow the strict crew rest regulations.

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