Go with Credible Mobile Shredding Services to Prevent Identity Theft

If you plan to hire the services of a shredding company, then you might need to put in some time and effort to search for the right company. Identity theft is a serious issue and one can easily become a victim of it.

Company Website Can Give You Insights

The advent of the internet has made it easier to gather information about anything. First check the company website. Take some time trying to figure out the company. Reputable companies will ensure that all essential information about them is available to their customers.

Take a look at the services they offer. The kind of staff they have. Every small detail matters. Check for accreditations and police checks. The website will also furnish information about the entire shredding process. Some of the accreditations to look out for include:

  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)
  • National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)
  • Records & Information Management Professionals (RIM)

If you are looking out for shredding services Houston companies, then you might want to research about the services and cost offered by credible companies. You can check their websites, enquire about the costs and choose whichever fits your preferences.

If in doubt, ensure that you call their customer support and get your queries answered. If you feel suspicious or uncomfortable with how they handled your query, you can always find other shredding services. Take a look at ratings and reviews shared by customers onto their website. You can even take the help of your friends or peers and ask for good recommendations.

Enquire About Certificate of Destruction

All credible shredding companies issue Certificate of Destruction. This is a document issued by the shredding company stating that all your sensitive documents have been shredded as per the relevant security laws.

A certificate of destruction comprises of:

  • A unique transaction number for audit purposes
  • Transferring of the material for destruction along with the date and location
  • Terms and conditions
  • Date the documents were collected and when it was disposed of
  • Name of witness for the destruction process
  • Location of the document destruction

Ensure that you ask the shredding company if they issue a certificate of destruction. Always go for companies that issue this certificate. This certificate is generally issued within a week from the date of scrapping.


Document shredding helps build trust and your clients know that you have their best interests at heart. You are also helping the environment as the shredded documents are recycled.

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