Forestry Tractor Includes Many Functions Owing To Its Design Versatility

A forest is an organized system featuring dominant elements such as trees and plants forming a canopy cover. In fact, it plays the role of giving food and shelter to animals in association with their habitats. There is a great variety of life in the forest and forest performs as a natural formation and as a skilful human activity product harnessed to fulfill the needs of people time and again.

Forest is limited to particular functions and its major functions are protective, productive, and social functions. Protective is about having a stabilized effect and creating sustaining biodiversity, productive is about timber as the raw material available from the forest and many herbs, and the social function is about creating a favorable environment. However, it is not easy to measure the economic value of the forest and it is agreed that the value in aggregate exceeds the productive function value.

There is a real need for the productive function to keep working to meet the demands of the society. However, to keep the forest intact and productive there is a need to use proper forest equipments so that the work is done without harming the nearby areas of the forest. One of the equipments is a forestry tractor.

A forest tractor is capable of cleaning and transporting forest woods to different places. Especially, new tractors are excellent as they feature the latest technology. The advantage of a tracteur forestier is that they offer specialized solutions. Nowadays, there are tractors rotating the seat alone to 180 degrees and even the steering wheel, gas pedal, direction selection, gear, and brake pedal rotates without any trouble.

The versatility of a forest tractor is in its design and even a single tractor performs a range of tasks. A compact tractor accomplishes tasks ranging from simple farming tools to gardening. Attaching implements such as back hoes or front loader to a compact tractor helps performing a wider range of jobs.

The design of a tracteur forestier is such that it pulls heavy loads and also runs on the rough terrain. The engine generates force in large amount helping to keep the tractor running and performing tasks, thereby making it effective in landscape tasks and is suitable to use in tough farming.

Using a forestry tractor has a positive impact on the forest and the timber amount that is felled assures the sustainable forest management is fulfilled.

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