Did You Know How Important Protective Packaging Is for Your Business?

How would you feel if the product you worked so hard on producing arrives at its final destination damaged? Worse isn’t. Well, no matter what caused the damage, for a customer you are the one to be blamed. This type of reaction from a customer not only damages your company and product reputation, but there are chances they may never order from you again.

Importance of proper packaging:

If you are thinking that reusing cartons is saving you money, think again, how much are you losing in replacing damaged products. Besides, you have no idea how much return and replacement complains are damaging your business image.

There are many reasons for which proper packaging of products is important, but let us discuss only the most important one – Losses. When a customer receives a damaged product, all they will do is return it immediately. Now, these unnecessary costs can drain your revenue more than you can imagine. If you are facing many returns and replacement complaints due to damaged products, now is the time to change the product packaging.

What is Protective Packaging?

When we talk about protective custom boxes, it not only covers what is wrapped outside the product, but even what is inside the box. We all know how strong and sturdy are corrugated cartons, but that doesn’t mean it is best for your product. The thing is, one size fits all doesn’t work when it is about protectively packaging a product.

Every product needs a perfectly fitting box around it which minimizes the amount of air space and thereby leaves no room for damage. Also, many products need additional cushioning which can effectively absorb the shock in case your package takes a fall. In simple words, the more fragile your product is, the more cushioning and protection it needs.

Fortunately, now there are materials like bubble wrap, brown paper, corrugated rolls, etc. which can help in reducing product damage efficiently. Companies which make customized packaging boxes study the weight, size and dimensions of your product and create the right type of packaging for it.

Lastly, no matter how good your product is, you can never neglect the importance of a good packing and the first impression that it creates. A package which looks like it hardly survived the journey from the manufacturer to the customer certainly don’t make a very good impression. So, be innovative about your product packaging and be rest assured the customers will definitely come back to you.

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