Creating a Future in Private Equity With Mark Hauser

As an experienced and driven entrepreneur with more than 35 years of industry experience, it is easy to see why Mark Hauser has become such a definitive name within the private equity space. The Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Hauser Private Equity, Mark has spent the better part of the past four decades honing his craft while turning his private equity firm into a national enterprise.

Between his work in private equity as well as his work at HAUSER, a risk advisory firm, Mark is almost always on his feet working on the systems that have built him his life.

Today, we are going to explore the life, times, and efforts of Mark Hauser to better understand his approach to equity, life, and working with clients.

Life in Private Equity

Mark Hauser was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. It was there that Hauser began to cut his teeth in the working world, first taking on the job of blacktopping driveways throughout Cincinnati. The backbreaking and sweat-inducing work would set up Hauser for a life of hard work and effort to come.

Hauser would break into the industry by purchasing a small insurance agency located in Cincinnati. The small agency would prove fruitful as it gave Hauser the foundation that he needed to begin building upon his own dreams and goals. Working at once in insurance and private equity, Hauser would lay down the foundation of his own successful efforts, eventually leading to the Hauser Private Equity we know of today.

As Mark Hauser continuously built upon his company and life within private equity, he began expanding his services to offer more solutions – eventually turning into the national risk advisor, HAUSER.

Overcoming Adversity During COVID

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shook the world to its core. Suddenly, the world at large was seemingly put on pause. As much of the world slowed down to confront the pandemic together, it became increasingly clear that long-term thinking would be important.

Rather than allowing the pandemic to stick him in a box, Hauser began to take on new hobbies during the height of the events. Hauser says, “I took to running outside both in Cincinnati and LA through different neighborhoods.”

In the same way that he took to physical activity to overcome his discomfort during the COVID pandemic, Hauser also guided his company forward with a similar drive and passion. As the world surges to meet its new pent-up demand, Hauser and the team at Hauser Private Equity are more than geared up to tackle the task at hand.

Outside of his efforts at Hauser Private Equity, Mark Hauser served as VP of Reynold’s Dewitt Securities. He also spent several years working in merchant banking, which culminated in the offerings of Future Healthcare, Health Images, and Mid-American Waste Systems.

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