Brief Introduction to the Different Kinds of Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves have been designed for use in applications needing clean or sterile processing. Sanitary valves have commonly been used in food, dairy, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical applications. The most common features would be inclusive of easy cleaning, polished contact, and crevice free services.

Different types of sanitary valves

Valve types would be inclusive of the diaphragm, globe, gate or knife, pinch, butterfly, needle, plug, and ball.

  • Globe valves

Globe valves have been known as linear motion valves with rounded bodies. The name has been derived from the rounded bodies. These would be largely used in the industry for regulating fluid flow in both on/off along with throttling services.

  • Diaphragm valves

The diaphragm valves would be associated to pinch valves. However, you should use an elastomeric diaphragm rather than elastomeric linear in the valve body for separating the closure element from the flow stream.

  • Pinch valves

It would be inclusive of any valve that has a flexible elastomer body. It could be pinched closed, cutting the flow by making use of a mechanism for fluid pressure. The pinch valves have been linear action, full bore valves. Therefore, they would be used in both on/off manner along with a variable position. It could also be used as a throttling service.

  • Needle valves

They have been popular for having a tapered, slender point at the end of the valve stem. It would be lowered through the seat in order to block or restrict the flow. The fluid flowing through the valve would turn 90 degrees. It would pass through the seat for the rod having a cone-shaped tip.

  • Knife or gate valves

They are popular as linear motion valves having a flat closure element slides into the flow stream for providing shut-off. The gate valves would be usually divided into two kinds, namely wedge and parallel shaped.

  • Butterfly sanitary valves

They could be opened quickly. They would comprise a metal circular disc or a vane with its pivot axes at the right angles to the direction of the flow in the pipe. It would commonly be used as throttling valves for controlling the flow.

  • Plug Valves

It would also be called stop-cock or cock valves. It has been used widely for both on/off along with throttling services.

  • Ball valves

It would cater tight shut-off along with providing characteristic control. They offer high range because of their regulating element design that does not have any kind of complications.

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